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The benefits of WMS

Feature-rich, agile and cost-efficient webcast management tool. Produce easily live and on-demand training sessions for both internal and external communications.

Advanced webcast management system. Create easily high-end live and on-demand webcasts.

One tool to create live webinars and to manage on-line video content. WMS offers a user-friendly interface with all the features and tools you need. WMS includes a browser encoder which makes widespread utilisation of webcasts easier than ever before. Our professional encoder supports AAC audio and H264 video up to HD-standard, but you can use other encoding tools, such as Flash media live encoder, as well.

Manage all on-line videos easily You can upload different kinds of video formats like FLV, MP4, WMV, MPEG files. WMS will do the transcoding for you.

Advanced webcast management system

Enjoy rich features

Enjoy rich features to maximize audiece engagement.

The features in each webcast are easily managed with widgets such as surveys, polls and messaging boards. User registration and authentication widgets such as IP-restriction and password protection are also easy to implement in just seconds.

Deliver live and on-demand webcasts.View anywhere, any device.

Devices supported in live streams.
iOS: iPhone, iPad
Android: 4.2
MAC and PC
Devices supported in recorded streams.
iOS: iPhone, iPad
Windows Phones
Android: 4.2
MAC and PC

Deliver live and on-demand webcasts

Produce and edit webcasts with affordable, versatile, intuitive tool.

  • Synchronize slides
  • Add attachments
  • text and chapters
Produce and edit webcasts

Advanced widgets

  • Chapter indexing
  • Feedback/Question form
  • User registration
  • Iframe/Twitter embed
  • Password authentication
  • URL redirection
  • IP authentication
  • Google analytics integration

Advanced widgets

Library views

With WMS you can build customized video library views for internal and external communications. Once set-up, the automated video library tool will do the publishing for you, all you need to do is to set the category where the webcast belongs to.

Video library


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